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ICON Group was born to fight the 'Fast Fashion' trend that is flooding our wardrobe and our planet with low quality clothing. We offer our customers only high quality regenerated clothing from the best brands of our past. Our products are selected to eliminate defects or broken parts, then sanitized and distributed.

280Kg Pallet

Divided in 8 boxes of 35 kg each.

*Quantity of garments:

Approximately 800 pieces*

*Include Summer/Winter & Men/Women clothing*

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does means GRADE A?

GRADE A is the definition of the conditions of the garment.
Grade A are defined those garments that are in excellent condition, with no defect, stains or missing part, comparable to the new product.

How long is the delivery time?

Shipping time depends on the final destination but we collaborate with DHL and we guarantee a range of days between 3-7 days shipping time Europa wide.

Are taxes included?

Yes, the final price are with tax included so you do not have to worry about additional prices.

Do you accept return?

Yes, we accept return between 14 days. Contact us and explain us the motivations of your request and we will support you to return it back.

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